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The Bipolar Hiding in the Addiction

Addiction treatment can reveal untreated mental illness that may trigger substance abuse. Bipolar disorder can go hand-in-hand with addiction. Bipolar is a mood disorder that varies between high’s, referred to as ‘mania’ and lows, referred to as ‘depression.’ Often, a … Read More

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Fatherhood Leads Some to Alcoholism

Postpartum depression among mothers is well documented, but less research has been done on depressed dads.  Now a new study is calling attention to the problem of depression in fathers, with survey results shows that new fathers who are suffering … Read More

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Study Finds Women and Men at Risk for Different Mental Disorders

  There are many differences between men and women, including how they are affected by mental illness. A recent study published by the American Psychological Association (APA) reports for women – anxiety and depression are a greater risk and for men … Read More

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Oscar de la Hoya in the Fight of his Life

  This week boxing champion Oscar de la Hoya admitted that he’s facing two of the toughest opponents of his life – addiction and depression. In an interview with Teresa Rodriguez on the Spanish-language network Univision, the 10-time world champion … Read More

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The Connection between Chronic Pain, Anxiety and Depression

  Everyone experiences pain, but the severity and duration of pain can be more intense for those suffering from anxiety and depression. Harvard Medical School has recently reported that there is a connection between chronic pain, anxiety disorders and depression. … Read More

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New Year’s Resolutions – Stop Drinking

  For many the start of the New Year is the pinnacle of change, but the most discouraging is when the same New Year’s resolution find’s itself on the top of the list: Stop Drinking. As the New Year rolls … Read More

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The federal government helps families find recovery

Recently the federal government has stepped in to help families select the best treatment facility for loved ones suffering from addiction. They have created a resource guide consumers can use to help select the right place for treatment. The free guide, … Read More

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Sober Landing has an Evidence Based Approach to Treating Drug and Alcohol Addiction

  How do you start a rehabilitation center? How do you hire the staff? How do you figure out how to treat the clients? Sober Landing has spent the last five years creating the most effective rehabilitation center for the … Read More

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Treatment Trends – What Works?

  Over the years we have heard a lot of stories from clients. Though escapades while intoxicated are always jaw dropping, but the ones that puzzle us are their journeys to recovery. More often than not we hear about therapists … Read More

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Nature vs. Nurture in Addiction

  “Don’t hang out with those kids. They’re bad seeds.” We all can see the classic clique play out, preached by parents, teachers and family sitcoms. Then a few episodes later the innocent student is corrupted by the rough crowd, … Read More

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