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The Bipolar Hiding in the Addiction

Addiction treatment can reveal untreated mental illness that may trigger substance abuse. Bipolar disorder can go hand-in-hand with addiction. Bipolar is a mood disorder that varies between high’s, referred to as ‘mania’ and lows, referred to as ‘depression.’ Often, a … Read More

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Men Suffer from Post Partum Depression

  10% of Men Suffer From Post-Partum Depression, According to Study It’s not just moms who are prone to feeling a little blue after having a child. A recent study found that about 10 percent of new dads also suffer … Read More

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Study Finds Women and Men at Risk for Different Mental Disorders

  There are many differences between men and women, including how they are affected by mental illness. A recent study published by the American Psychological Association (APA) reports for women – anxiety and depression are a greater risk and for men … Read More

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Oscar de la Hoya in the Fight of his Life

  This week boxing champion Oscar de la Hoya admitted that he’s facing two of the toughest opponents of his life – addiction and depression. In an interview with Teresa Rodriguez on the Spanish-language network Univision, the 10-time world champion … Read More

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The Connection between Chronic Pain, Anxiety and Depression

  Everyone experiences pain, but the severity and duration of pain can be more intense for those suffering from anxiety and depression. Harvard Medical School has recently reported that there is a connection between chronic pain, anxiety disorders and depression. … Read More

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Addiction and Depression

Upon arrival at The Landing our clients are examined by a physician, a psychologist and a psychiatrist. The psychiatrists can determine whether the client is struggling with mental disorders such as depression. Many are. Addictions and depression seem to go … Read More

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Similarities Between Internet and Drug Addiction

  Internet addiction may be the next epidemic of diagnosed addictions. Researchers and clinicians are co-diagnosing clients in drug and alcohol treatment centers with Internet addiction. However, when it comes to treatment, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders … Read More

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